Quality Management

ISO 9000 certified since 1997 & Quality Manual on company Intranet for easy reference.
ISO 9001 Certificates:
ISO 140001 Certificates:
IATF16949 Certificates:
  • Falco Plants (Mexico and china) are in implementation process of the Automotive Quality Management standard and our goal to achieve IATF certificate is at the mid of 2019.


Falco Is an UL recognized company to produce transformers & coils using Electrical Insulation systems class B, F, H and N under UL file OBJY2.E147168 as detail below:

  • Class 130 (B) transformer insulation systems designated CL-B, CL-B1.
  • Class 155 (F) transformer insulation systems designated CL-F.
  • Class 180 (H) transformer insulation systems designated CL-H.
  • Class 200 (N) electrical insulation systems designated CL-N.

Marking: Company name and system designation.

Falco meet worldwide safety agency requirements such as IEC 950.